Summary of the SDP Breakout rooms at the RISCS event - 09/11/2020

Summary of the SDP Breakout rooms at the RISCS event - 09/11/2020

21 Dec 2020 -


hello world, seeing as this is the first blog post on the Net Paladin site, I figured I would use this as a platform to test out some new technologies that I have been up this point unfamiliar with.

With that in mind, this will mark my first endeavour into a intensive usage of Vim, Jekyll and blogging in general, so please do be patient and contact me at - as we have yet to install a comment section - if you have any queries about the contents described in these posts, or simply any corrections or ammendments you think are worthwhile (typos included).

Without further adu, I’ll embark on the journey of summarising the five break out groups that occured at the RISCS event on the 9th of November 2020. These opinions and interpretations are representitive of my own, and not any affiliated institutions and/or organisations.

Summary of the SDP Breakout Rooms

There were five different breakout rooms, all looking at areas concerning Software Development Practices (SDP), where it sits in the market and it’s representation in academia. Discussions were mainly split into two sections, the barriers and the opportunities. These are the breakdown of the main themes and notes of the padlets for each break out room discussion and can be found in the following blog posts.