Embedding SDP in the Higher Education Curriculum - SDP Breakout Padlet Summary - 09/11/2020

Key Themes

Co-operation, Specialised information, Change, Curriculum Review


In order to embed SDP into the HEC there are multiple steps that must be taken. First, a review of the curriculum needs to take place to establish the current facts about teaching practices. Then, research to understand best practice for teaching SDP to non-specialists. Along side this, institutions that don’t have easy access to teaching materials for security must be provided the means and a reason to do so.

There are multiple avenues to take this research. It could focus on how to build student interest, evidence of efficacy and impact in industry or needs for a collective body to accredit and approve courses and taught material. When this is being carried out, it may be important to note that SDP doesn’t want to see itself as a box ticking exercise and where generalised collective security teaching materials are being created, a sense of creativity should be retained.


  • Everyone is currently writing their own teaching materials
  • Undergrads don’t see the point of precise specifications
  • Not enough hours to fit everything into the curriculum - some selection process is necessary
  • Computer scientists don’t control what gets taught in non-technical degrees (e.g, for UX Designers)
  • Changing needs - field is constantly evolving so difficult to deduce what is relevant, important and/or needed.
  • HEI is driven by student demand and students don’t see the value until after their studies


  • Already some existing tools for teaching material - clark.center, Dave Wheeler’s edux class
  • Some starting blocks (already some material in the curriculum at some universities)
  • Other fields have non-experts teaching the material, so security could be the same
  • Students thank lecturers for teaching these modules once they go into industry
  • CyBOK is a piece of growing work that can be used to help educate cyber security specialists
  • Easy to motivate the need for SPD due to real life breaches and other security flaws being exploited frequently

If you have any questions or thoughts about this post, feel free to let me know at liam@netpaladin.co.uk and thanks for reading.